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Archive for October, 2006

It’s Halloween! 3 More Scary Silver Spring Houses

noose_150.jpgStygmatized?:In 1990, this house, located near the corner of Greenbrier & Wayne Avenue in Silver Spring was owned by a Single Guy who kept it in immaculate condition. I met him one day when he was cutting his grass. I told him how charming his tudor style house was and that I had always admired it. 2 years later I noticed this same house had come up for sale. The gossip about the house was that the owner had hung himself from the overhang in the foyer, in onl his boxer shorts, with a bag over his head. He left a note for the mailman saying…..

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For Halloween – Scary Silver Spring Real Estate Story #1

As a new real estate agent in 1989, I was always looking for a house to hold open on weekends and would volunteer to hold any house open. An older & more experienced agent was very anxious for me to hold open her new listing on Woodbury in East Silver Spring. It was a cute Dutch Colonial Style house. I was really excited about having it open and kinda wondering why she did’nt want to do it herself. I did get this funny feeling in the office that the other agents knew something I didn’t. I can’t explain exactly what it was, I thought they were snickering, chuckling or whispering about me. I shrugged it all off as my imagination and the that I was a nervous newbie. The day before the open, I was talking to a loan officer friend of mine that had been a real estate agent years ago. She asked me what house I was holding open. When I told her the address there was dead silence and a Huge GASP…. Read the rest of this entry »

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Silver Spring Needs A Dog Park or 2- Inside the Beltway

Charlie Cook - Cavalier King Charles SpanielWith all the new development in Silver Spring, more development expected, and the fact that we are expecting 2,000 to 3,000 more residents in the next 2 years there is a concern that our green spaces and parks will dwindle. As a dog owner I went looking for a dog park near my home in downtown Silver Spring. There are only 2 in Montgomery County:Wheaton & Germantown. I went to the closest in Wheaton. I was astounded to find 35-40 dogs and their owners in a 1/2 acre fenced lot with gravel and a few trees and picnic tables. People had come from all over Montgomery County – Bethesda, North Potomac, Rockville, East Silver Spring, South Silver Spring and Woodside. The dogs were having a blast. My own pup hardly ever sees other dogs and had a great time socializing. Dog parks are becoming very popular and are obviously needed and wanted in our county – Dogs that are socialized well are less likely to be a nuisance or threat to public safety – WE NEED MORE Dog Parks!

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What’s In and What’s Out – Homebuying 2006

The majority of full-time real estate agents hear alot of feedback every day all year from homebuyers as they visit potential resale and new construction homes. They wonder why builders, developers and home-sellers add finishes or upgrades that say “cheap” or “soon-to-be-out-of-date”, in addition to owners who think the laminate wood-grained kitchen cabinets look fine. Old stand-bys like solid oak hardwood floors might not be on the design edge, but quality and durablity out sell trendy any day in residential real estate. After a year of property showings in 2005 and 18 previous years with homebuyers, I’ve complied a list of home runs and strike-outs for those looking to sell to homebuyers in 2006. Read the rest of this entry »

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