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It’s Halloween! 3 More Scary Silver Spring Houses

noose_150.jpgStygmatized?:In 1990, this house, located near the corner of Greenbrier & Wayne Avenue in Silver Spring was owned by a Single Guy who kept it in immaculate condition. I met him one day when he was cutting his grass. I told him how charming his tudor style house was and that I had always admired it. 2 years later I noticed this same house had come up for sale. The gossip about the house was that the owner had hung himself from the overhang in the foyer, in onl his boxer shorts, with a bag over his head. He left a note for the mailman saying…..

I’m Dead – The front door is unlocked – Please notify police. The house, being charming and well kept, when under contract rather fast & for the full asking price – Just prior to the closing, a neighbor told the purchasers what had happened in the house. The Realtor had not disclosed this to the Buyers and they backed out of their contract to buy the house. The house went back on the market (this time with a disclosure about the suicide) It took a long time but an investor bought it for significantly less than full price. – It is better to be up front and DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE! EVERYTHING! handcuffs.jpg

Wierd Room Kills Sale: A few years back I was working with a couple who wanted a house near Sligo Creek Park. We thought we had found “the perfect house” when we went look at a house on Fleetwood Terrace in Sligo Park Hills. The listing indicated that this house had everything the buyers wanted 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, overlooking Sligo Creek Park. The house was lovely and perfect until we got to the forth bedroom that was locked. Once we found the key and unlocked the door to this bedroom, we were speechless. The room had all four walls padded, including over the closet, a fully mirrored ceiling, a swing, handcuffs and torture equipment. We could not leave that house fast enough! Needless to say the couple did not buy that house, they just couldn’t get that room out of their minds.

haunted-house.jpgHusband Missing from Silver Spring – Another Story about a Silver Spring house comes from a Former Real Estate Office Manager of mine. One of the agents was selling a Large Colonial Home on Highland Drive in Woodside Park. The house had some big title problems. A woman was selling a house she owned with her husband, Jack. Jack had left his wife many years before and the title company could not locate him to get him off the deed, so she could sell the house to the Buyers that wanted it so badly. After months of work the title issue was finally resolved! – The Buyers were excitedly inspecting the house on their final walkthru before settlement. Upon inspection of the attic the buyers and their agent discovered Jack, the missing husband, His mummified remains were hanging from a rafter in the attic. Mystery Solved. For More about Stygmatized and Haunted Real Estate.
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