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Silver Spring, Md – My Solution for Brawl Control Outside the Magestic

Crowd controlSeveral Area Bloggers have posted about the Disruptions, Brawls and Gang Problems in Downtown Silver Spring.  I liked Silver Spring Singular’s solution.
I have an even CHEAPER, and I think, better one.  It’s organic, natural and ECO-Friendly (Granola Park types will like this), doesn’t use gas, is not loud and not on the County Payrolls. This great form of crowd control gives police officers a way better view from above the crowds unlike being in a car or a tank. Some people are very afraid of this device too! It is used in a lot of cities (like New Orleans, LA), for boisterous “out of hand” crowds during Mardi Gras.  We used to have this service in Downtown Silver Spring, but the County took it out of the budget for 2004.  A big mistake, I think..! Bring these guys back now.

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Silver Spring – Mid Century Modern House Lovers Paradise in Quaint Acres

Tucked away in a wooded sylvan setting off New Hampshire Avenue near White Oak is the Neighborhood of Quaint Acres in Silver Spring, Md.  A recent Washington Post Article describes the setting in this neighborhood to a tee.  The setting is perfect for the Mid Century Modern houses that were built there in the early to late 1950’s.

Contemporary Mid Century Modern architects and builders such as Charles Goodman and Frank Lloyd Wright  loved to make their homes seem as if they were one with nature.  Mid Century Modern Homes have simple, clean lines without a lot of embellishments. They use natural elements like stone, wood and glass, with a lot of floor to ceiling windows and vaulted ceilings. In a lot of the Modern homes, you get the feeling that you are outdoors when you are inside them. During this time period the homes in Quaint Acres were considered the epitomy of Luxury Living, much like the New Luxury Homes are thought of today.

Ultra Modern House in Quaint AcresMy first impression of Modern Contemporary Houses was not good.  I thought they were UGGGLY  at least, on the outside!  I got hooked on these houses while showing customers this style of  home around Silver Spring. They are AWESOME on the inside! These are some of the most stunningly beautiful houses to live in, especially if you are into nature.

In the 1950’s and early 1960’s, Silver Spring subdivisions like Quiant Acres and Neighboring Springbrook were considered to be Silver Spring’s “Potomac”.  

If you love these types of homes, as this DC area Blogger does, a drive through Quaint Acres in Silver Spring might make your day!

Search All Homes for Sale Now in the Quaint Acres Neighborhood, Silver Spring, Md 20904.

More Photos of Modern Houses in Quaint Acres.

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Why Isn’t my Silver Spring House Selling?

As a Realtor in Silver Spring, Maryland I get asked this question a lot: Why aren’t some houses selling? There is a great article in MSN Money called 6 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling.
The 6 Reasons Houses Don’t Sell, according to are:
1. Your home is OVERPRICED
2. Your home doesn’t “SHOW” well
3. You’re in a bad LOCATION
4. You have a LOUSY listing agent
6. You have INEFFECTIVE marketing

If you are thinking about selling your Silver Spring home, you should be reading this article, it is clear and to the point and will help you understand some real estate market facts. The reason your home is not selling could be one or a combination of any of these. There are some that cannot be remedied like location, but the rest are all within your control.

To get a FREE copy of the Book pictured in this article:  Send an email to me at: with your name and snail mail address and I will send you a copy.  This book shows you HOW To OBTAIN the MOST MONEY for your home, even if you want to “go it alone” as a For Sale by Owner (without a Real Estate Agent’s help).

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Catching UP!!

As a Realtor, this is my extremely busy busy busytime of the year, so I’ve been kind of out of the Blog Loop Recently and I really miss it, So …

1.) I just sold an awesome house in Downtown Silver Spring.  The sellers worked hard for two months getting this one ready for the current “tough”, “kinda slow”, real estate market.  Their hard work paid off big time when this house SOLD in 2 DAYS! Just goes to show you how POPULAR and HOT the close-in Silver Spring area still is!! Take a Look at this House.

2.) I noticed there is great New Silver Spring Blog –  A very cool, democratic social networking site called the Silver Spring Town Center.  Check it out! I’ve also noticed some really fine blog makeovers at the Silver Spring Penguin, Just Up the Pike and the Silver Spring Scene. They all look better every time I have the time to check them out, I see something different and ..WOW, where have I been?  I think Silver Spring Singular and The Silver Bee are the only two Blogs in Silver Spring that have not had recent makeovers. I feel kinda behind and left out! How about you Sligo?

3.) After my recent post showing the Oldest House in Silver Spring an EVEN OLDER ONE Kinsmanhas come on the market for sale. It’s the original Kinsman Farmhouse out Colesville Road between 4 corners and Burnt Mills.  It dates back to 1783!, and I thought 1833 was OLD!! It’s on almost an acre hidden from the Road in the midst of  newer houses and townhouses. Check out the MLS listing on it, you won’t believe the restoration that’s been done on this 7 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath, 2 Fireplace Historic House or the fact that it is OVER 200 years old and is in the 4 Corners/Northwood Park area of Silver Spring.

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