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Thank You O. J. Simpson from a Silver Spring Real Estate Agent

Orange juiceI felt like writing a little blog today to “The Juice”, who is now out of jail on $125,000 Bail. 

Thanks O.J., for behaving “par for the course” and getting arrested in Las Vegas for doing some pretty serious stuff.  I hope your trials, tribulations and most of all the media coverage will last well into this coming new year and beyond. 

You see O.J., the more and more the media and news focuses on YOU, the less interest they will have in all the bad press and bashing of our real estate market.  Hey, they might even FORGET about the real estate all together, as they concentrate on your every move. 

So here’s to you O.J.  May you have many years in prison and may you finally get what you really deserve!

  1. AverageBro

    Wow. I can’t believe you had the nerve to mention OJ on a SS related real estate blog.

    Is white America REALLY this upset about OJ. Damn, it’s been 13 years.

    Get. Over. It.

  2. Dan Kimball

    I am also glad the media can focus on something other than the housing market for a change. I’m sure this will keep them busy for awhile. But looking back, I remember when OJ played college ball and everyone I knew thought he was boy wonder on the football field. How far the mighty have fallen. I hope he does some serious time and gets some justice!

    We also need to thank Rosie O’donnell, Paris and Britney Spears! Thank God we have these Hollywood types to keep us sane, happy, and not worrying about the next housing bubble or rate change.

  3. Margaret Woda

    I just came across your Tomato Blog, Debbie. Nice!
    I have one in development…

    By the way, I can’t believe your first commenter turned this blog into something entirely different than I read. I see it as being glad about ANYTHING that might distract the media from their obsession on tearing down the real estate market. And, if that’s your intent, I’m with you – whether it’s OJ or Monica or Jon Benet or Princess Diana or Paris or …

    Margaret Woda

  4. Chris Griffith

    I seriously felt that someone….some person that lost their daughter to a violent death like Nicole would have popped a cap in his butt by now. Every time I see him on TV I think of those poor, motherless children with “that” as their role model. Shame. A crying shame.

  5. Carol Williams

    The media hasn’t totally forgotten about real estate. A reporter from a big time publication called me the other day. They were actually doing a story on markets that are doing well (in spite of the negative publicity).

    Speaking of publicity, the mayor of our town said the biggest controversy of the past year was taking down our Apple Capital sign for something more “contemporary”. There was quite an uproar and we now have a new “contemporary” Apple Capital of the World sign. Yeah!

  6. Lane Bailey

    Wow… Has to be about the race, huh? Not about the fact that OJ has become the big story (should I mention that he DID get away with murder, and now has an attempted robbery to try to weasel out of), not because of his race, but his behavior.

    I’d be just as happy with Paris doing something stupid again…

  7. Nick Bastian

    Great looking blog.. Nice job on this post… Apparently, some people need to lighten up a bit. 🙂

  8. Kristal Kraft

    You are right, the media does need another newsworthy item to feature. I’m getting so sick of the real estate pounding we take. In our market it is so NOT true, but do they investigate further? Heck no!

    I believe the negative press is a self-fulfilling prophecy…beat the topic up enough until everyone believes it is true.

    OJ is a sad, sick shell of a man. To bad, he had such potential.

  9. Gena Riede

    I have some of the positive juice. It’s one heck of a time for home buyers. I sure hope they all get in there while the getting is good!

    This is when I wish I had a million dollars sitting around…I’d buy everything I could. The folks that invest now will be the wealthy of tomorrow.

  10. Joanne Hanson

    There is nothing like a little controversy to get things stirred up! OJ will do that. Eventually people will get tired of him and come back to real estate, but someone else will do something stupid to get the spotlight again. Meantime, as Gena said, the smart people will be buying real estate!

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