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The McMansions in East Silver Spring

Old easley
This post was inspired by a another local blogger  who posted about a ginormous McMansion going up in East Silver Spring on Thayer Avenue.                                              

Most of East Silver Spring still has “normal sized” older houses.  The few McMansions or new infill construction Easley Middlethat we do have REALLY stand out. 

One example on Easley street is the “McMansion with no windows”  It started out as a small bungalow home built in 1928 between 2 other similar houses.  The home had a larger and deeper than average lot size of 12,180 sq ft. 

It was torn down sometime ago and remained a big watery mud hole with trash and debris in it for a few years.  I once walked by the lot and noticed they were still getting junk and other mail delivered to 701 Easley, it was strewn all over the front of the mud hole. While it was still just a hole, it caused a lot of concern and complaints from the adjoining neighbors and the neighborhood in general. 
I though they’d never build anything there.  Then all of a sudden a huge foundation went up this past year.  The picture does not do it justice – it is ENORMOUS.  Can’t wait to see what it will look like when it’s finished.  It will certainly stand out amongst the small old bungalows on that street. 
Deerfield - million
A tasteful newly constructed infill home was completed recently just down the way at 608 Deerfield in East Silver Spring – McNeills Subdivision. The lot was a little over 7,000 square feet and an old garage at the back of the vacant lot was the only thing torn down to build the house.

This house sold for $1,191,064.00 ( one million, one hundred ninety one thousand and sixty four dollars ) and settled less than 3 months ago.  I think this NEW house just “nails it” for a perfect fit with the neighborhood character of East Silver Spring.
Check out the Listing and Interior Photos Link for 608 Deerfield Avenue, Silver Spring, Md 20910.

Some Gigantic Monster Houses have gone up or are going up in some older Silver Spring neighborhoods, for instance this one on Randolph Road.  There is a Monster Palace on New Hamphire Avenue in Hillandale and a Giant House going up in Woodmoor just past the Woodmoor Shopping Center going North on Colesville that you just can’t miss when driving out that way.  Sligo from Silver Spring Singular has posted a few blogs about McMansions in Silver Spring.  I liked this post about Mc Mansions by a local blogger.  Dan Reed (Our future architect/Urban Planner) from Just Up the Pike writes about them all the time and Silver Spring Daily Photo has a lot of photos of McMansions in and around Silver Spring.

So, How do you feel about McMansions in Silver Spring?  What’s your opinion?  Want more? Want less? Want Larger? Smaller? or just don’t care?

  1. at the Beltway

    The “Palace” on New Hampshire is large, and would be better suited on a bigger lot. It was built to the full envelope possible (to the setbacks) on the lot. It seems that the home also has a business, houses extended family and possibly a rented basement apartment.

    After completion of the home, the taxes went from $2k to $8.2k. I wonder if that was a shock. Hope the Deerfield owners are prepared for their pending tax increase.
    Love your posts.

  2. Kathy

    I don’t mind them terrribly – IF they keep the samefoot-pront and don’t cast a shadow onto the neighbors property – we have little enough sun to grow things in and stay warm in the winter in our heavily treed neighborhoods.

  3. b

    Like them or not, it is more photogenic than a double-wide with an auto grave yard out front.

  4. Jerry

    McMansions suck!

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