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Azalea Peak in Silver Spring and Takoma Park – Best Viewed in Sligo Park Hills

Coral azalea in Silver Spring MdAzaleas are native to Silver Spring and Takoma Park, Maryland.  Right now they are at their blooming best.   In the older mature neighborhoods close to Downtown Silver Spring, the azalea cover is like no other.   If you take a drive or walk during azalea season you’ll see about 8 of every 10 homes sporting at least one or two of these beautiful blooming shrubs.

The older sections of the neighborhood of Sligo Park Hills (sections 1 & 2) that run from Sligo creek up to Piney Branch Road might have the best displays, due to a resident that worked with the Director of the National Arboretum to hybridize azaleas.

Stuart Armstrong lived on Park Crest Drive in Sligo Park Hills from 1938 till his death in 1970.   Armstrong was  an avid amateur horticulturalist who served as pink azaleas in Silver Spring, Mdpresident of the American Horticultural Society between 1957 and 1960.

He was said to have given plants to his neighbors in Sligo Park Hills as gifts.   There is an azalea named “Stuart Armstrong” grown mostly in the mid atlantic and the south.

Over a period of more than 30 years, Armstrong amassed a sprawling collection of  azaleas in his yard overlooking Sligo Creek Park.

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  1. Kathy J, Washington Gardener

    just fyi – there are native azaleas and rhodos – but few of what you see in TP and SS gardens are those – most all you’ll see are Asian varieties or hybrids

    TP does have a rich azalea heritage though thanks to B Y Morrison and his Glenn Dale azalea breeding program at the USDA

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