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Scary Open House in Silver Spring

As a brand new real estate, I was always looking for a house to hold open on weekends and would volunteer to hold any house open.  An older & more experienced agent in my office was very (almost overly) anxious for me to hold open her new listing in East Silver Spring.   It was a cute Dutch Colonial Style house.  I was really excited about having it open and wondering why she didn’t want to do it herself.   This agent ALWAYS held her own listings open, especially if it was the first open for a brand new listing.   I did get this funny feeling in the office that the other agents knew something I didn’t.  I can’t explain exactly what it was, I thought they were snickering, chuckling or whispering about me.  I shrugged it all off as my imagination and the that I was a nervous newbie.

Dutch Colonial Style HouseThe day before the open, I was talking to a loan officer friend of mine.   Prior to being a loan officer my friend had been a real estate agent.   She asked me what house I was holding open.   When I told her the address there was dead silence and a Huge GASP…. OMG

She told me that her real estate company had listed the same house 8 years before and sold it to a nice couple.  The couple moved in on a Saturday.  The next day while the wife was out at church, the husband had gone into the basement and shot himself to pieces with a double barrelled shotgun.  The wife never went back, so my friend’s company cleaned the house up and resold it to another couple.  Obviously all the agents in town had known about this except me!  No wonder they were acting so funny around me!

It was a long, quiet, lonely, spooky 3 hour open house.  My mind kept thinking of the Dutch Colonial house from theAmityville Horror story.  I was scaring myself to death and every noise I heard made me jump.   I Couldn’t go anywhere near that basement and never did go down there and look, not once!   Only one person came to look at the house that day (needless to say, I did not escort him into the basement) and low and behold he bought the house from me.

* NOTE . . .To those of you who are thinking – was this disclosed to the Buyer? – No, it was not.   Hey, ..  it wasn’t even disclosed to me up front!   Because in the state of Maryland it is the Seller’s choice (not the listing broker or agent’s) whether to disclose or not.   What is required in Maryland is Disclosure of “Material” and “Latent Defects” only.  The Maryland Legislature/Law excludes Murder, Suicide, Violent death and the presence of Aids from being “material or latent defects “.

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Wanna Vote Early? Voting Early Starts Saturday October 27th, 2012

Early Voting for people in Montgomery County is from October 27th and October 29th through November 1st.
from 10:00 Am to 8:00 pm and Sunday, October 28th from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

You can check the wait time and directions to any early voting center by going to

Early Voting Centers most convenient to Silver Spring and Takoma Park:

Silver Spring Civic Building
One Veterans Place – at Ellsworth Drive and Fenton Street
Silver Spring, Md 20910

Marilyn J. Praisner Community Recreation Center
14906 Old Columbia Pike
Burtonsville, Md 20866

Montgomery County Executive Office Building
101 Monroe Street
Rockville, Md 20850

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Halloween House Decor – Silver Spring Downtown

My neighbor Joseph would decorate Dramtically for every holiday.  His Decorating of the House was Legend in the Neighborhood for many years. Kids and adults alike were mesmerized every Halloween and at Christmas Time.

The kids in the area would all flock to his house for Trick or Treaters, even from other neighborhoods that were further away or in another county.  Word always got around.  I always wondered how much candy he had to have to survive Halloween.

It’s been quite a few years now that Joseph has moved away, there are new owners of the house now.  The new owners have a much more “simple” idea and style of decorating, maybe a few mums and a pumpkin on the front porch.

I took pictures of the Halloween, the 4th of July and Xmas jobs Joseph has done through the years.  Sadly, I can not find any pictures of his Christmas displays.  This is too bad, because the Xmas display was always the most extravagant, each year was different and each year there were more and more lights and features to that display.  I hope some other neighborhood is now enjoying the holidays as much as the people in this Silver Spring Neighborhood did while Joseph lived here!

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Sligo Creek Golf Course – Help Save Sligo Annual Fall Golf Event October 5th

Sligo Golf Course 1st Hole - Silver SpringSligo Creek Golf Course was the original 18 hole course for the Argyle Country Club in the late 1930’s.  The course was designed by Percy Walborn LeDuc (a Silver Spring Resident) in 1937. In the mid 1940’s Argyle Country Club relocated to another area of Silver Spring (out Layhill Road) and the county through MNCPPC took the golf course over as a public course.

When the Capitol Beltway (495) came through Silver Spring in 1964 it sliced the golf course in half.  Check out this cool overlay map of the course as it was laid out in 1937 and what was left after the Beltway went through the property.   Until 2010, the County ran the (now 9 hole) course as a public course.  In 2009 the county wanted to do away with the property as a golf course. There have been proposals of everything from put put golf, recreation center, driving range to plowing it under to use as soccer and ball fields.

The citizens from the surrounding communtiy and beyond do not want this to happen – so we have Preserve Sligo Golf Course. – Save Sligo is a 501C3.
Sligo Creek Golf Course is an oasis of green space, home to many species of wildlife, plants and just plain beautiful in our rather urban “inside the beltway” area of Silver Spring.  Even if you don’t golf – Sligo Golf Course is very worthy of preservation! They are having their Annual Fall Golf Gorgeous Mature Trees - Sligo Golf Course Silver SpringChallenge on October 5th.
Please support!


Players of All Levels are Welcome! Friday, October 5 (Rain or Shine)
Check-in 3:30pm – Shotgun Start 4:00pm
Prizes, Raffle, Food & Drinks
• Best Team: All Men Team, All Women Team, and Mixed Team
• Women:
** Longest Drive in the Fairway on No 5
** Closest to the Pin on No. 2
• Men:
** Longest Drive in the Fairway on No. 3
** Closest to the Pin on No. 4
• Best Putter: Person with the lowest number of putts
Fee: $75 per person / $280 per foursome
Game Format will be “Scramble” — ? Tee off in any order your team desires ? Each team must use the drive of each player at least twice ? Keep track of best ball score for your team for each hole ? Mulligans can be purchased

Sligo Creek Golf Course
9701 Sligo Creek Parkway, Silver Spring, MD 20901

Contact: Rebecca Howland @ 301-233-6330 or

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