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12 Good Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

1.  Inventory of Competition is Lower
Your home stands out better with less to choose from.  Your odds of selling  may actually go UP during  this time of year.  Many people feel just like you…and don’t understand that  there will be a FLOOD of new listings on the market after the holidays that can cause you to get “lost in the crowd “ Listing now means more serious buyers per home for sale.
christmas-wreath-on-door 2.  Only the SERIOUS buyers are out in the fall/winter
Fewer may be looking but you are more likely to get a contract from those that do come through!  Think  about how fantastic it will be to have this all finished when others are just getting       started!
3.  Taking Photos in the Fall…
Can be a big asset, as they look great on your MLS, and flyers…before exterior plantings die off.
 4.  Home May Show Better While Decorated
Your home may look better now than any other time of year! Why not have potential buyers see it at it’s best? Fireplaces, evergreens, scented candles…All add to the beauty inside when it’s not so pretty outside. Contrast can equal a sale!
 5.  It’s OK to have specific “no showings” Times During Holidays
Lock boxes can even be emptied of keys or removed. Just because you’re planning a few holiday events is no reason to not be for sale the rest of the time.
6.  Houses Feel More Like “Homes”
When you come in from the cold weather, this cozy feeling causes emotions in a Buyer you can’t get
other times of the year. “Home Sweet Home” is never sweeter than now!
artificial-christmas-wreaths-exterior-traditional-with-christmas-decorations-christmas-wreath-entrance-entry-entry-gate-garden-lighting-garland-grass 7.  Online Searches Go Way Up
People stay home more in colder weather and with today’s technology and our expertise in marketing your home online, the chances you get seen and sold are improved.
 8.  Buyers Who Buy Closer to the End of the Year
May pay closer to full price than other times, as they are often buying under a deadline. They have less time to negotiate and less inventory to choose from getting  you the BEST price.
9.  Buyers have more day-times off during mid-November through January
Increasing serious buyer traffic during normal business hours vs. showings during your evenings and weekends.
10.  Buyers at this time often have an “urgency factor”
Many employers want new hires to start in January, so they can’t wait to buy your home. If you don’t list until after January 1, you might miss out on those buyers. They can’t buy yours if it’s not for sale.
11.  Late occupancies are common during this time
Some buyers that need to buy by end of the year don’t have to occupy the home right away, allowing you a real win-win. They win with lower interest rates now, and you could negotiate your move for later.
12.  Decreased Demand
On lenders, appraisers, home inspectors, movers and other vendors during this time can cause your escrow processing time to be smoother and easier than during busier times.

The bottom line is that if your home isn’t available, you may miss YOUR perfect buyer. If you know you want to sell, don’t wait. “You can’t win if you don’t play” as they say…   The Question really is – why delay?   What’s the downside to listing now?

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