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Should I Offer a “Decorating Allowance” when selling my Silver Spring House?

paintbrush“Should I offer a “paint and carpet (or insert update) ” allowance instead of actually doing the work on my Silver Spring or Takoma Park House?”

Silver Spring Homesellers- When you’re getting your home ready for the market, the list of things that need to be done can seem overwhelming.

Would’nt it be much easier to just offer the buyer a “credit” or an “allowance”?  The buyers probably would prefer to pick out their own carpet or paint color.

The problem with offering a decorating allowance or Home Selling Silver Spring Neutral Paint Colorscredit instead of actually doing the painting, refinishing or carpeting is that these two items are the strongest emotional triggers for buyers. When buyers walk into a home, they form an impression right
away.  If the buyer’s impression is that the home has worn carpet, floors or dirty, nicked up walls, no allowance is going change that initial impression.

It’s the first impression that is most important, so if you’re on a limited budget, just make sure that the flooring in every room the buyer can see from the front door is in the best condition it can be. Same with the paint. A buyer will be more likely to overlook bad carpet or not-so-fresh paint in secondary rooms that don’t contribute to that critical first impression in their hardwood Floors Selling a Silver Spring Takoma Park Homesight line.

*NOTE – Many of the homes in Silver Spring and Takoma Park have original hardwood flooring.  Hardwood floors are one of the most desired ammenites of today’s buyers.  If your hardwood floors are covered with wall to wall carpet, one of the best things you can do to make your home very attractive to buyers is uncover those hardwoods.
Pull up that carpet and show off the hardwood flooring you have.
If you’ve got them, flaunt them!

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The Best Time to Sell a Silver Spring or Takoma Park House is …. August ??

Is the month of August really useless and dismal? – Not for Silver Spring and Takoma Park Real Estate sellers!

Why would you want to list a house for sale in the lazy hazy heat of August, when people are uninterested and out of town on vacation? Heres why:

August is one of the biggest transfer months for relocating buyers.
Buyers want to secure a home now before school starts in the fall.
The inventory of houses for sale is very low – meaning your property has less competition for buyers.
When inventory goes down sale prices tend to go UP.

Check out these Silver Spring/Takoma Park Market Stat Charts:
They show iventory and prices for all zip codes of Silver Spring and Takoma Park in real time ove the last year.  (Notice how the prices have gone up as the inventory has gone down)

There may not be a lot of buyers out looking, but the buyers that are out there are super-serious about buying NOW. these buyer are not the many many “tire kickers” looking at houses in the Spring.

Even though you may have little traffic at your home, the buyers that do look at your home are much more motivated and because of low inventory have limited choices in homes right now.

If you are on vacation yourself, you won’t be bothered or inconvienced by any showings of your house.  You can relax and leave it up to us.

There will be a seasonal uptick in inventory in the weeks after Labor Day and therefore more properties competing with your house.

Let your house be one of the few good choices buyers have this August.

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Homebuyers Tax Credit Extended and Expanded!

The U.S. government recently extended and expanded the homebuyer tax credit.  The $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit that was scheduled to expire December 1, 2009, will continue in effect until April 30, 2010. 

In addition, beginning December 1, 2009, many current homeowners will qualify for a $6,500 tax credit if they’ve lived in their current home for a least 5 years and are seeking to relocate.  Plus, the income limits for single buyers and married couples were also raised.

There has never been a better time for you or someone you know to take advantage of this tax credit because hundreds of homes are now priced below market value.  Also, because this program is a tax credit – it does not have to be repaid.

For a detailed comparison of the 2009 tax credit versus the extension, click here.  
For FAQ on the tax credit changes, click here.     

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The Silver Spring Real Estate Market’s Crystal Ball

 The Real Estate Market in Silver Spring and Takoma Park continues to pick up momentum. The question is, have we hit bottom and are we heading out of this or is this just a short upswing before the bottom really falls out? 
I wish I had a Crystal Ball but . . . . . “Those that live by the Crystal Ball eat glass”!
My suggestion right now would be that if you are wanting to buy, jump in now.  You can’t go wrong. If you are selling or need to sell, sell now and price your home to move fast. If this is a short upswing then you don’t want to miss your chance to sell now during an upswing. How long of a window might we have?  This is another question that is begging for a Crystal Ball.  
I would guess that we might see a better market for at least the next 60 days.  The problem longer term could be interest rate increases or the increase in inventory of foreclosed homes. Either of these could have a negative impact. My suggestion is NOT to watch national trends, but focus mostly on what you see taking place in our community. This will certainly give you the best perspective on our market.  

To get your own “Real Time” Market Trend Statistics for any zip code or property type in Silver Spring and or Takoma Park  Check out: 

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10 Mistakes to Avoid and 25 Easy Fix-ups when Selling your Silver Spring Home

Also Check Out these 25 Fast and Easy Fixups when selling your Silver Spring Home

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South Silver Spring – Newell Street Condos

8045 Newell Street (by Patriot Group) is a five story, 120 unit condominium building.  This building was completed and already Sold out in 2006.
This Building offers a Fun, Funky, Hip and Laid Back Urban Lifestyle, in a Small Intimate “Pet Friendly” Building. Located by Historic Acorn Park in the South Silver Spring neighborhood, the Units have Open Floor Plans with High Ceilings, Washers and Dryers in the Units and either a balcony or sunroom.

SAVE your GAS! and Walk everywhere from this building that has a very high Walkabilty Score.  Walking Distance to Silver Spring Metro/Red Line, Rock Creek Park hiking biking trails and all the ammenities of Downtown Silver Spring.
Thinking about Selling or Buying a Silver Spring Condominium? – Contact  Debbie Cook (301) 587-3528 for your current, No Obligation Market Report on the Silver Spring Condominium Market.

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More Silver Spring, Md Real Estate Market Reports – Seven Oaks Subdivision and South Silver Spring Condos

Acorn-Gazebo-Postcard         New Real Estate Market Activity Reports

Single Family Homes

Seven Oaks Subdivision – 20910 & 20901

Condominiums in South Silver Spring – 20910
                 Aurora Condominiums
                 The Silverton

                 8045 Newell Street Condos

Luxury Town Houses  Cameron Hill  – 20910

If you are thinking about Selling Your Silver Spring House, Condo or Townhouse – Call on Debbie Cook and The Silver Spring Team for a No Obligation Market Report on Your Silver Spring Condominium. With our 21 years of Experience and our Enthusiasm for Silver Spring, we know how to get Silver Spring Homes Sold Fast and for Top Dollar in the Current Silver Spring Real Estate Market.

Click for an Over the Net Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your Silver Spring Home

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Tuesday Morning Store Opens in Silver Spring Tomorrow!

Tuesday morning
I am pleased and excited that Tuesday Morning Home Goods Store is opening in Silver Spring!  I’ve shopped at Tuesday Morning before.  It is a great store for gifts, things for your home and for Staging Houses for Sale.  It is a lot like Linen’s and Things or Bed Bath and Beyond, but much less expensive!

Now Silver Springers, including me, will not have to schlep to Rockville or Bowie to shop at this amazing discount home goods store.Woodmoor 

The store is ready and opens on Tuesday (of course), that’s tommorow, November 6th, 2007!

This store will open in the building that SAM KUGLER’s House of Linens Store used to occupy at the corner of University Boulevard and Colesville Road (RT 29).

By the way, SAM KUGLER is alive and well.  He moved further out Route 29 past White Oak to the Tech Road Business Center.  

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More Silver Spring, Md Real Estate Neighborhood Market Reports

Northwood Park Street
Montgomery Knolls – 20901

Clifton Park Village – 20901

Capitol View Park – 20910


Coming Soon are Real Estate Market Reports on: 
South Silver Spring Condominium Market – 20910  Old Hillandale – 20903
Seven Oaks Subdivision – 20901 & 20910 Northwood Park – 20901 
Old Woodside -20910  North Woodside – 20910  Mongomery Hills – 20910

If you have a request for market report on a specific neighborhood or subdivision in Silver Spring or Surrounding Areas – Please let us know.

If you are thinking about Selling Your Silver Spring Home – Call on Debbie Cook and The Silver Spring Team for a No Obligation Market Report on Your Silver Spring House. With our 21 years of Experience and our Enthusiasm for Silver Spring,  We know how to get Homes Sold Fast and for Top Dollar in the Current Silver Spring Real Estate Market!

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More Silver Spring Neighborhood Real Estate Market Reports

DSC00603Snowdens Mill – 20904 (As Requested)
506 Single Family Homes

Oakview – 20903  
700 Single Family Homes 

Burnt Mills Hills – 20901
60 Single Family Homes

Coming Soon are Market Reports for these requested Neighborhoods and or Subdivisions in Silver Spring:

                            Capitol View Park – 20910 – 383 Single Family Houses
                                 Seven Oaks – 20901– 201 Single Family Houses
                            Montgomery Knolls – 20901– 213 Single Family Houses

              Get an Online Market Analysis of Your Silver Spring Home’s Market Value

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