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Silver Spring, New Construction, Estates at 4 Corners Finally Gets Going – Old House Razed Recently

universitywest-220.jpgThe Site

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Unrepresented Buyer and For Sale By Owner -The Ongoing Nightmare that’s too Close to Home!

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This real estate horror story popped up recently and is continuing to occur in Norfork, Virginia.

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What’s Up with Home Features for 2007?

comhome.jpgDecember is when publications like to forecast upcoming trends for the new year. Mark Nash, author of a number of books on real estate, has come up with some good ones, based on a survey of more than 900 industry professionals.

Here’s some of the features homeowners should be looking to put in their dwellings in 2007: Upscale garages. “It’s no longer the out-of-sight-out-of-mind dumping ground. Today’s garage owners want them decked out with cabinet and storage systems, mini-refrigerators, insulation, heating and air conditioning and durable but residential-looking flooring.
” Man caves and Mom caves.”Personal dedicated space for one person in a household where they can go and work on projects or chill without being disturbed.”
kitchen2.jpgTwo home offices. “Rising gas prices and commuting times have created more two-work-at-home families. Size matters, make sure each is at least ten-by- ten feet.” Rejuvenation rooms. “A one-stop space for exercising, meditation, yoga, sauna and fancy steam showers. Showers are going upscale too. Waterfall fixtures, programmable temperature.” Heated patios, walkways and driveways. “Northern baby-boomers are tired of shoveling and are looking for ways to decrease winter maintenance, plus many have discovered how also heating the patio can add an extra couple of weeks enjoyment in spring and fall.”
Snoring rooms. “Adjacent, second bedrooms to the master, offer relief from the buzz saw and an alternative to the couch. A godsend for millions of relationships nationwide.” Modular Housing. “Many think of the out-dated double wide as the typical modular, but modular options and quality have exploded from the top end 11,000 square foot home, with every whistle and bell, complex finishing details.” Sustainable Design. “Energy conservation, indoor air quality, and resource conservation. Natural forms of energy, such as wind, solar, and geo-thermal if available on-site, are maximized.”
Structured wiring. “Right up there with all the buzz about green homes is structured wiring, now entering the main stream must-have for technology based home buyers. Coaxial TV cable (RG-6), Category 5E voice and data lines, distributed radio, remote camera security are wired through out a home into multi-outlet boxes called in the trade, home network centers.” Mixing finishes on kitchen base and wall cabinets. “Matchy-matchy is out in kitchen design. The new look is to have stained-wood bases and painted wood upper cabinets. The old-Europe-look rules, but with today’s appliances.”    

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Lots of New Faces Ditching the Burbs and Heading to Urban Condo Frontier

canada-dry-pic.jpgAre you part of the demographic trend that’s driving the rising cost of condos in recent years? According to the NAR (Nat’l Assoc of Realtors), increases in condo values have recently begun to outstrip those of single family homes for the first time ever.

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Interest Rates Continue to Fall – Happy Holidays to Home Buyers

silverballs.jpgFreddie Mac‘s Primary Mortgage Survey reports the average interest rate on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage to be 6.08 percent for the week ending December 7th.

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